Dan Hardebeck

  •    Mr. Hardebeck
    Room:  123
    AP English Language (11)
    AVID (11-12)


Professional Biography

  • Hello, I'm Mr. Hardebeck - welcome to my home page! How did I become a teacher? Well... after high school I attended Eastern Washington University for two years, then transferred to the University of Washington. I ran track and cross country throughout college, and was fortunate enough to run in the NCAA championships. I earned a degree in journalism from the UW, then worked for a TV station briefly (KOMO) and also wrote for a chain of weekly newspapers. 

    One day in my early twenties, I was visiting a high school classroom, watching a high school teacher, and I thought to myself, "I could do that." I thought I would teach for a couple years and then return to journalism, but 30 years later I'm still in the classroom and I still love my job every day. I coached both track and cross country for many years, I was a school newspaper adviser for 21 years, and I was also the adviser for Timberline's National Honor Society. In addition to teaching English and journalism, I have also taught AVID, Humanities, and believe it or not I also very briefly taught math and art history! I was twice named the Washington State Journalism Teacher of the Year, I have been Timberline's Teacher of the Year, and I also have won the University of Washington's True North Award for Inspired Teaching.
    My wife Lisa and I raised our two sons in Lacey, just down the street from Timberline. Our sons attended a couple different NTPS elementary schools, then went to Komachin and Timberline. At Timberline they were both students in my English classes, and they have now gone on to college and beyond.

    I believe in treating my students with fairness, respect and genuine concern for their welfare. I am aware that most of my students are not going to grow up and spend their lives analyzing literature and writing essays. However, I think the most valuable skills I can give students are the abilities to read and interpret difficult texts; to think critically; and to express themselves articulately under pressure. Life will be filled with situations where these skills will pay enormous dividends.


  • 1st - AVID 
    2nd - AP English
    3rd - AP English
    4th - AP English
    5th - Planning 
    6th - AP English
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