Alisa Hughes

Professional Biography

  • I got my degree in Elementary Education from East Central University in Oklahoma.  I have been a teacher for sixteen years.  My career includes teaching experience in both private and public settings in California, Oklahoma and Washington. I have just completed my professional certification, and am looking forward to another year here at Mountain View. 


    • 8:50-9:30--Specialist
    • 9:35-9:50--Social/Emotional Learning
    • 9:50-10:20--Reading Foundational Skills
    • 10:20-11:25--Reading
    • 11:25-11:55--Math Workshop
    • 11:55-12:25--Recess
    • 12:25-12:55--Lunch
    • 12:55-1:55--Math
    • 1:55-2:10--Recess
    • 2:10-3:05—Writing/Science
    • 3:05-3:10—Clean Up
    • 3:10—Go Home