Lorri Defoor

  • mit photo Room: NTHS Room 234

    Subject:  Math

    Email:  ldefoor@nthurston.k12.wa.us

    Phone Number: 412-4411 ext. 41234

    Photo Courtesy of Shauna Bittle - The Evergreen State College 


  • All classes will have a Google Meet at their assigned class time on September 9th. You'll receive the link for this meeting on September 8th. A list of required materials is currently posted on Canvas. Canvase is also where all course materials will be assigned, and any future announcements related to these classes will be located. 

    If you need to contact me, email is the best way to do so: ldefoor@nthurston.k12.wa.us


    Period 1 - Geometry (Checkout Textbook: enVision Geometry before Sept. 9)
    Period 2 - Geometry (Checkout Textbook: enVision Geometry before Sept. 9)
    Period 3 - AP Statistics (Checkout Textbook: The Practice of Statistics for AP before Sept. 9)