NTPS Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook

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About the Handbook

  • Why a handbook?

    This handbook sets forth the written rules and regulations of the North Thurston Public Schools regarding student conduct, discipline, corrective actions and rights. This handbook provides an overview of the types of misconduct that will result in disciplinary action. In addition to these rules and regulations, each school in the district provides rules and procedures regarding the administering of discipline at that school.


    North Thurston Public Schools is committed to excellence: preparing students for rewarding careers, fulfilling lives, and compassionate global citizenship.


    • High-quality teaching is essential to student achievement.
    • Compassionate attitudes and actions create a culture of service.
    • Student voice increases engagement and belonging in our community.
    • Healthy relationships are built on collaboration, respect for diversity, accountability, and trust.
    • Family and community partnerships are essential to meet the needs of our students.


    In North Thurston Public Schools, our vision is clear: All students empowered and future-ready. Through our strategic planning process, our community defined five visionary goals for student success:

    • Goal 1 — Success in the Early Years
    • Goal 2 — Responsible, Resilient, Empowered Learners
    • Goal 3 — Critical Thinkers and Solution Seekers
    • Goal 4 — Continuous Growth — All Subjects, All Students
    • Goal 5 — Preparedness for Post-Secondary Success

    Read our entire Strategic Plan for details on our goals and progress >>


    • NTPS Policy & Procedures: NTPS School Board approved guidelines for district and school decisions learn more >>
    • RCW: Revised Code of Washington (state laws in force) learn more >>
    • WAC: Washington Administrative Code (rules that OSPI follows) learn more >>