Welcome to the Nisqually Counseling Office!

       Welcome to Nisqually Middle
      School Counseling Webpage!
      On this site you will find information about how the school counselor can help your student, community resources, and general information about what is going on around Nisqually.


    Meet the School Counselors

    Mr. McGibbon will be working with all 6th grade student and 7th grade students with the last names M through Z.  He can be reached a jmcgibbon@nthurston.k12.wa.us

    Ms. Sutton will be working with all 8th grade students and 7th grade students with the last names A through L.  She can be reached at lsutton@nthurston.k12.wa.us


    Planner/Binder Use
    Binder: Syllabus, class notes, graded and returned work from that quater.
    Planner: In progress homework, Topic (one/two words; essential question will be in notes), homework w/ due date.

    6th Grade English

    Binder: divider labeled and used for ELA.  In this divder keep: homework, graded classwork, vocabulary. 

    6th Grade Social Studies

    Binder: divider labeled and used for Social Studies.  In this divder keep: syllabus and handouts in the front, graded assignments in the back.  

    Clean out prior, graded assignments at the end of the semester.

    7/8 English

     Binder: 1 tabbed divder labled ELA, notebook or comp book in a clear sleeve, Do Now Sheets, Handouts, notes, and other paper materials used for class, loose leaf paper.

    7/8 Social Studies

    Binder: A section for SS work/assignments/handouts.

    Planner: Topic of the day and assignment/daily task/homework.


    Binder: Two pocket folder, syllabus, handouts, study guides for exams, highlight reel (collection of the student's best work).

    The majority of the work will be stored at school in the Interactive Science Notebook (ISN).


    Highly Capable Overview Flyers
    Families of Highly Capable students looking for more information about curriculum can find an overview in the following flyers:

    Highly Capable 7th Grade ELA Handout

    Tutor.com is offering free  homework help for students in military families.  You can work one-to-one with a live tutor in more than 40 subjects, any time, and day.  You can find more information at tutor.com/military

    If you wish to access Canvas to check classroom assignments or what students are working on for the week you can find instructions here:




    You will need your student’s computer log in to access Canvas.  Your student’s username is the first five letters of your student’s last name, first three letters of your student’s first name.  For example, a student named Mickey Mouse would have the username mousemic.  If your student does not have 5 letters in their last name, it would be their entire last name and first three letters of their first name.  For example, John Doe’s user name would be doejoh.  Your student’s password is the student ID (the number they use to purchase lunch and check out library books).  If you need this information please do not hesitate to contact the school.


    Once you have set up your account, Canvas log in is located here: