Welcome to the Timberline High School Boosters!

  • The Timberline High School Booster Club provides financial and volunteer support to:

    • Athletic Programs
    • Student Clubs
    • Fundraising Events
    • Award Booster Club scholarships
    • Student Trips

    BOOSTER CLUB WORKS FOR EVERYONE! Our interest is in helping every Timberline student to succeed.

    We meet once a month (2nd Tuesdays in the teachers' lounge) and would love to have you join us!

    If you can't, please consider giving some time to work on the concession stand? It's a great way to meet other Timberline Boosters and support all our students. You can also volunteer at other events we support throughout the year.

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2023-2024 Booster Club Board

  • Please contact one of the Booster Club Officers listed below for any questions or information regarding the Timberline Booster Club.

    Board Members

    • Espie Diiorio, President
    • Kim Richards, Vice President 
    • Wayne Diiorio , Treasurer
    • Liz Rogers, Treasurer 
    • Jeanelle Reanier-Briggs, Secretary 

    Booster Club Contact Info:

    Volunteer Information:

    Must be a current Booster Club member and have a current food handler's permit (for concession stands) and a current volunteer application on file with the school district.

Join the Boosters!

Volunteer Signups & Information

Ways We Support the Blazers

  • We support all the students and teachers of Timberline by raising funds through concession sales and the sale of Timberline apparel at numerous school events and home sporting events.

    How to Request Booster Club Support

    Timberline staff, teachers and club officers needing financial support, not available in the school, ASB or club budget, may contact the Booster Club board listed above for a Timberline Booster Club Request Support Form. 

    All requests will be considered, regardless of size!

    Priority is generally given to requests that:

    • Positively impact the most students
    • Add to the total school experience

    Things booster club cannot do:

    • Loan money
    • Give to an individual child or family
    • Used as an “arm of the school” to run an event because its outside the rules of ASB Law
    • Run money through our accounts for raffles or silent auctions.
    • Pay for the salaries of trainers, teachers, etc.