Now you can access your student's information from any page in our site. Notice the push pin icon in the top left corner of the school banner? Click it for access to the same Skyward you have used in the past.
All Timberline High School parents, guardians and students have free access to Skyward Family Access. Parent Access allows parents and guardians to see the information for all of their high school and middle school students through one login. Student Access allows the user to see information for a single student.
Need Access?
Student Access:
Your student can come down to Ms. Yunker's desk and request their log in and password. Also, your student's teachers, counselor, or advisor would be able to provide them this information.
Family Access:

Provide the following information in an email to Gina Rabung, ( Scheduling Secretary:

  • Student Full Name:
  • Grade Level:
  • Students Primary Address:
  • Students Home Phone Number:
  • Parent/Guardian Full Name:
  • Parent/Guardian Email Address:

You should receive an email with your Login and Password.

Thank you!

Please Click here: Email to apply.

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