What are the traits of a South Sound Bulldog?

  • The students of South Sound High School have been doing an excellent job of displaying Bulldog Traits on a regular basis.
    Additionally, they have been receiving Bulldog BARKS Bucks for their efforts. It is a positive program which has been a great success!

    B.A.R.K.S. - Bulldogs are

    Academically Engaged and on Task

    • Do class work
    • Stay on task
    • Ask questions
    • Sit up/ lean in
    • Take notes
    • Listen, then talk
    • Unplug and tune in
    • Be aware of academic status
    • Don't be disruptive

    Responsible for Behavior and Learning

    • Regular attendance
    • Punctual
    • Come prepared
    • Manage time well
    • Clean up after yourself
    • Stay out of drama
    • Monitor/ Reflect

    Kind and Respectful to Others

    • Say Please and Thank You
    • Put others first
    • Take turns
    • Be patient
    • Be aware of others needs
    • Be accepting and inclusive of others
    • Be tolerant
    • Talk kind about self and others
    • Use appropriate language
    • Listen to others/don't interrupt
    • Polite
    • Take ownership of actions
    • Be tolerant of others
    • Use electronics appropriately
    • Allow learning to happen

    Show Pride in School and Self

    • Respect School Property
    • Follow Dress Code
    • Be On Time Every Day
    • Take Pride in Your Work