5th Grade Band & Orchestra at Woodland

  • 5th graders have a chance to choose band or orchestra and learn to play an instrument of their choice. Woodland's band is led by Ms. Kimberly Brumbaugh, who leads the Nisqually Middle School Band. Woodland's orchestra is led by Ms. Ninee Wolff, who leads orchestras at elementary schools throughout the district.

Kimberly Brumbaugh

Ninee Wolff

  • Ninee Wolff



    Phone: 360.412.4670 ext. 27801

    Email is the best way to reach me.

    When emailing, please indicate which school your child is attending so I can best assist you.


    Class Materials:

    An instrument, music stand, metronome/tuner (apps on Chromebook or phone are fine for remote learning), a pencil, a mirror, and a positive attitude. 😊


    ❗Orchestra classes start on Monday September 28th❗


    Google Classrooms:

    Evergreen Forest km3weab

    Lakes Elementary er7shab

    Lydia Hawk Elementary f5bmnly

    Seven Oaks Elementary suvycd4

    Woodland Elementary 5hpp4ky