From Principal Crawford

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    Enjoy the Upcoming Vacation Woodland Families!

    Before you go however, I wanted to use this opportunity to write about the vital nature of     attendance.  The short version: Having your student attend on time, every single day possible, for the whole day matters...a LOT!

    Surprising but true statistic...kindergarten attendance rates correlate strongly with prediction of school drop-out rates.  All families, mine included have days where students are sick, or need to go to an appointment, or life throws a curveball, that is part of life in the real world.  However, it is also true that every single second your child is at WES we are trying to make them achieve their potential, and we need them here to accomplish all we can with each student. 

    When students come late or leave early that transition almost always impacts the class as the student arrives or leaves the classroom.  North Thurston Public Schools has set a goal for 75% of our students to be regular attenders, missing 5% or less school days.  In a 180 day school year that would be 9 absences, at this point in the year this would be 3 or fewer absences.

    At WES we are encouraging our students, recognizing students and classrooms for there attendance effort and trying to get the word out in a positive way to our families how important it is for our students to be here.  If you are looking for a resolution to start 2019...there is one that will make a difference in the academic career of your student!

    As always thanks for supporting your child and our school!



     Casey Crawford


    Woodland Elementary