Welcome to Woodland Elementary!

What makes Woodland unique?

    • School of Distinction honor
    • Our military support groups provide connections for students with active military family members.
    • Our Student Leadership Program creates an opportunity for students to tutor, support and engage in the community of students around them.
    • The Woodland Self Manager program encourages students to “be respectful, be responsible, be safe & BE YOUR BEST!” Teachers meet monthly with students around goals and can nominate students for the program when they display these attributes. Hundreds of students are recognized each year in the program, which includes a special lanyard and tag.
    • Our before-school choir performs at our school and for different organizations around our community.
    • PTA – great support – supports our monthly assemblies, regular self-manager celebrations, end-of-the-year barbecue, field day and much more!

Current Goals

  • Academic Gap Goal:

    • The percentage of students in special education in kindergarten scoring above the fiftieth percentile in easyCBM phoneme segmenting fluency will increase from 17.7% in the fall to the 50% by spring 2021. The percentage of all students in special education in grade 1 scoring above the fiftieth percentile in easyCBM word reading fluency will increase from 24.4% in the fall to 50% by spring 2021.

    Behavior Gap Goal:

    • Increase students who identify as two or more races attendance from 58% regular attenders in 2020 to 65 % by spring 2021 measured by district attendance data.


Community Involvement

Our Mission

  • Mission: “Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe & Be YOUR BEST!”

    Each day at Woodland Elementary is focused on providing the best possible learning for all who enter our school. We devote our efforts, talents and resources to meeting high academic and social standards for every student.


  • For enrollment data, assessment results, and other statistics, see the OSPI Report Card.

Community Feedback

Building History

  • Woodland Elementary takes its name from the area originally settled by the Wood family. It was originally constructed in 1981 on 16.6 acres located at 4630 Carpenter Road SE in Lacey. In 2007-2008 early site work was completed to prepare for an extensive upgrade of the campus, including new fire loop, sewer-pumping system, and the addition of an 8-classroom modular building. In 2008-2009, a major modernization and additions to the building and site were completed, utilizing 2006 bond and state assistance funds. The design focused on creating an inviting and secure main entry, increasing natural light throughout the facility, providing better circulation for students and staff, addressing special needs students, and improving the educational environment for students, teachers, and volunteers. Exterior materials, interior finishes and all mechanical, electrical and technology were replaced or upgraded. In 2011, energy efficient lighting upgrades were completed utilizing state energy grant funds. The 46,829 square foot building, including 31 instructional spaces, plus an 8-classroom modular building serve kindergarten through fifth grade.