Mrs. Packard

Professional Biography

  • I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing and in 2011 with a Master of Arts in Education. I then spent time working in the Sumner School District as a sub and in Kindergarten before taking my first full-time teaching position at Horizons Elementary as a Teacher-Librarian working with grades K-5 including Life Skills. I spent the next 4 years teaching 3rd grade at Horizons Elementary, and then became the building Instructional Coach/LAP Teacher for the building for 3 years. I am a National Board Certified Teacher with a  Middle Childhood Generalist certification. 

    As I mentioned above, I have worked with a wide variety of children since the start of my career, including students with special needs, students from high and low-socioeconomic populations, students from military populations, etc. From all of these experiences, I hold true to one simple and definite idea; that is, children learn best when they feel good about themselves. In my classroom I strive to maintain a positive, trusting atmosphere, where children experience a feeling of classroom community and a sense of closeness with their teacher. My classroom is a place where students will be supported, challenged, and offered authentic opportunities to learn and develop into successful, independent, intelligent individuals.