Elementary School Meal Menus

  • March Grab & Go/Meal Kit Menu (Grab & Go lunch service ends on March 9th. Beginning March 12th 3- and 5-day meal kits will be distributed based on students enrolled in hybrid or 100% remote learning. See menu for more details).

    March Hybrid Menu (this menu is for on site learners).

    April Meal Kit Menu (3 day kits for hybrid learners and 5 day kits for 100% remote learners).

    April Hybrid Menu (for on site learners).

    PLEASE NOTE: the menu is subject to change depending on availability from our supplier.

    If you have questions about the menu or nutrition information please email the Food & Nutrition Services department.

    We will continue to provide meals that meet with USDA guidelines of providing the 5 components that make up a healthy meal - protein, milk, grain, fruit and vegetable. Families can be assured that every meal will contain these 5 components.

    Thank you for your understanding at this time.