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  • June 1st - June 5th library lesson

    You are living through a unique time in history; the Covid 19 pandemic.  Years from now people will wonder what it was like.  Here are ideas on how you can document your experiences.  Choose one that is interesting to you.

    1. create a journal

    2. Keep a kindness list and record ways you have been a helper to others

    3. Write a news story about your family.  Interview family members asking them how they felt, how things changed and what they will remember most about the pandemic.

    4. Write a poem or song

    5. Create a timeline.  Keep track of important events, celebrations or announcemnts that happened during this time.





    May 26th Library Lesson

    Memorial Day:

    Go to Mycapstonelibrary.com

    • UserName: continue

    • Password: reading

    Find the search window and type in Celebrate Memorial Day. Listen to the book. Learn at least three facts regarding Menorial Day and send them to Miss Miller.



    May 18th Library Lesson


    Enter Ryan and Craig.com in the URL window.

    Have fun searching for some of your favortie books and listening to Ryan and Craig read.


    Grades 3-5 

    May 18th Library Lesson

    Forty years ago this May 18th Mt. St. Helens erupted.  Click on the link below and find the video which is 3:48 minutes long. After watching the clip, answer the questions below.


    • In which state will you find Mt. St. Helens?

    • Was there warning the mountain would erupt?

    • How long did it take for the ash to travel around the world?

    • Please list more facts you found in the video and send them to Miss Miller, so she can create a book.


    May 11th Library Lesson


    Ask an adult to take you to South Bay elementary's Facebook page.  Listen to a teacher read a book.  Read a book to someone at home.

     Grades 3-5

    Did you know there was a super moon over the weekend? I hope you all got to see it!  During the summer the sky will be clearer so you should be able to see the moon more often and more stars should be visible.  Please choose one or more of the following as an activity.

    1. find a new constellation and learn its name and shape. Try to keep track of how many times you see it this summer.
    2.  On Symbaloo you will see an app for World Book.  Please click on World Book to find information regarding the moon.  Research other sites to get additional facts about the moon and see how many things you can learn. 
    3. Create a slide show about the moon and stars using facts you found yourself.



Weekly Remote Learning Lesson

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