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    Ms. Cameron
    Ms. Beirele 

    Being a member of the National Honor Society is a great opportunity to serve your community and allows students to shine. The members of Honor Society are the top scholars at our school who are recognized for their academic achievements and are given a chance to help the community with their outstanding minds.
    In order to gain full membership, students must be a junior or senior and maintain at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA. Those accepted are also required to complete five community services and one club service. The club service includes volunteering at Senior Honors Night, which the NHS organizes, or at the induction ceremony for new members in March. Community services can be completed through any nonprofit organization or club, and members can find out about club services by attending club meetings every early release Wednesday.
    It is truly a privilege to be a member, and we congratulate all who were accepted. Keep up the good work!