Welcome to Pleasant Glade Elementary!

Unique Partnerships & Programs

  • We are honored to be hosting our district’s Early Learning, English Language Learning, and Emotionally/Behaviorally Challenged programs. We also have partnered with the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) in our ELC building.

    After-school Club House (extended-day academic support) and family workshops.

    More programs we are proud of:
    • The Panther Way PAWS Program
    • Mighty Milers Running Club
    • Sports Club
    • Yearbook Club
    • Panther Club
    • Student Leaders of Learning Monthly Academic Recognition
    • Fourth and Fifth Grade Student Leadership Program
    • South Sound Green Partners Recognition

Current Goals

  • Academic Gap Goal:

    • By June 13th, 2022, we will increase our percentage of Kindergarten through 5th grade students reaching proficiency from 69% in the fall to 80% in the spring as measured by the 2022 Spring Reading EasyCBM.

    Sub Gap Goal:

    • We will decrease the gap between low income and non-low income first grade letter sound recognition from 24.9% to 10 % by June 13th, 2022.

    Behavior Gap Goal:

    • Students identified as Multiracial account for 30% of all referrals and 18% of the school’s total enrollment. Their percentage of all referrals is 12 percentage points more than expected. We will reduce the referral outcomes of multiracial students to account for 18 percent of all referrals, commensurate with the percentage of their total school enrollment.

    Download the complete Fall 2021 School Improvement Plan >> (PDF)


Community Involvement

Our Mission

  • Mission: Our mission at Pleasant Glade is to work with our community to ensure all students master high academic and social standards.


  • For enrollment, SBA results, and more statistics, check out the OSPI Report Card.

Community Feedback

Building History

  • Pleasant Glade Elementary was built in 1987 on 13.3 acres. It is located at 1920 Abernethy Road NE. In 2001, the interior was partially repainted and recarpeted. The 46,785 square foot building, including 32 instructional spaces, plus 12 portable classrooms serve Kindergarten through fifth grade. This school underwent a schoolwide building modernization from 2018-2020 using 2014 bond dollars.