Katie Baydo-Reed

  • Katie Baydo-Reed and daughter


Professional Biography

  • I teach 7th and 8th grade English/Language Arts, and one section of Language Arts enrichment (poetry, Shakespeare, and Honors Prep). I've been teaching since the fall of 2006. There are many choices, chances, and decisions that landed me here at Komachin, but there is one driving factor that keeps me here: the belief that every one of us benefits from hearing each other's stories and that we all have compelling stories to tell. (OK, maybe that's two factors.) My job is to help students in our classroom tap into their power as readers and writers of their world.


  • Advisory
    1st Period - English (meets on silver days)
    2nd Period - English (meets on green days)
    3rd Period - English (meets on silver days)
    4th Period - English (meets on green days)
    5th Period - Honors Prep English (meets daily)
    6th Period - Plan
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