Transportation Options

NTPS uses Smart Tag on all buses

  • North Thurston Public Schools & Smart Tag Logo on a black background NTPS uses Smart Tag to keep track of our bus ridership. Students scan off and on the bus daily to help us keep track of who's where!

    What do parents need to do?

    Make sure your student has their badge with them when they ride the bus. Stay tuned for parent portal information!

    What if my student doesn't ride the bus?

    We have plans to eventually use the badges for field trips, checking out library books, and lunch purchases, so hold onto them if your school distributes them to all students. Some schools may keep them for those uses later. Please check with your school to ask about the future use of the badge, but please keep track of them like you would an ID card.

    How does it work?

    Students have been issued an Identification Card with and RFID (radio frequency identification) chip. As students load or disembark the school bus they will wave the card past the card reader. This will log the student on and off the school bus. This helps us quickly see when students get on the wrong school bus or try to get off at the wrong bus stop. This is excellent for keeping track of our younger students! Not only will our Dispatchers be able to know what bus they are on, the software will alert the driver to a student who is getting on the wrong bus or off at the wrong stop. Office staff can keep track of all of this without having to call dispatch! Instant knowledge if a parent calls asking where their child is!

    We take the Transportation of your student seriously and believe the safety features of this product will greatly enhance the safety and security of our student body. NTPS will be the first Smart Tag enabled school district in Washington. We have seen it live in larger school districts than ours in the State of Texas and it is a great safety tool.

Smart Tag Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What if my student doesn't ride the bus?

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  • Will students receive a badge every year?

  • Will this system notify me of bad weather closures, accidents, or other emergencies?