Welcome to the Counseling Office at Olympic View!

A Greeting from Mrs. Pritchett

  • Hello My Beloved Eagles!
    We really didn't have much time to say goodbye on March 13th, but I have been thinking about you non-stop!
    It is beautiful outside, and I hope you are all getting some extra time in the sunshine with your family and friends. I trust you are remembering to wear your bike helmets when you are riding your scooters, skateboards, and bikes. (You know that's Mr. Greer's favorite safety rule). Also, remember to wash your hands! I would be so happy if you sang the Olympic View song all the way through as you wash your hands.
    If I were with you in person, I would be reminding you to BE THE NICE KID. Think about ways you can be the nice kid to your brothers and sisters, your parents, your day care teachers, and anyone else you see. Especially now. I will update this page while we are apart, so if you check it every few days, there will be a new message. 
    Also, while your kiddos are at home, parents, our staff would love to stay connected by email. 
    Be well, OVE Eagles.
    Your school counselor misses you!
    -- Mrs. Pritchett
    Mrs. Pritchett