Welcome to the Counseling Office at Olympic View!

A Greeting from Mrs. Pritchett

  • Dear OVE Eagles-
    I am so happy that I have had the chance to hand out learning packets, breakfast and lunch “Grab and Go” meals, and Chromebooks. I have gotten to see cars full of Olympic View kiddos drive through and wave. This is such a unique situation; it is normal to be worried and stressed about all the unknowns. The routines we rely on to bring us stability have been disrupted. Everything from sleep, to what and how we eat, to how we learn has changed. Even those of us with the most optimistic outlook are getting worn down. Now, more than any time in recent history, we have an opportunity to help build family resilience. We will need to get creative, and learn to manage big feelings by taking deep breaths, taking breaks, and reaching out for help when we need it. Please let your teacher or me know how we can be there for you and your kid(s) right now. 
    Community agencies are continually coming up with new ways to support families in the area. Chances are good that I can connect you with the support you need. I check email several times a day, and will get back to you as quickly as possible.
    Here are some ways I can provide support:
    Below are some resources you may find helpful. I will continue to update this regularly:
    • Download some local resources guides (see links to the left or in the pages menu of this page).
    • NTPS is distributing “Grab and Go” breakfast and lunch bags from 11:30AM-12:30PM weekdays at our school and 20 drop-off locations. See all locations >>
    • Weekend food bags from the Thurston County Food Bank are distributed each Friday during lunch pick-up. If you are experiencing a food shortage, please email or call me. I will work to problem-solve with your family, so you can get what you need. 
    • South Sound Reading Foundation is providing sanitized books. 
    • If you have specific needs that the FYR Center is unable to provide (gas to access lunch pick up, rent, utilities, childcare) please email me to discuss some options.
    Sending all my Olympic View families love,
    JJ Pritchett
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