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Kelso's Choices

  • Kelso's Choices Kelso's Choices is a curriculum which helps children solve problems and manage conflict.

    Conflict or disagreement is normal and often happens when children get together.  However, hurtful words, gestures, or physical aggression are unacceptable ways to deal with conflict and disagreement at school.

    Our goal is to teach students several positive ways to deal with these difficult situations.  To do this, we ask students who have minor problems to try at least two of the following ideas:

    1. Go to another game or activity 
    2. Share and take turns
    3. Respectfully talk it over and listen to each other
    4. Walk away from the problem
    5. Ignore the problem behavior
    6. Tell the person to stop
    7. Apologize
    8. Make a deal or compromise
    9. Wait and cool off

    If students have tried at least two, they are encouraged to ask an adult for help.  Through practice, children learn important social skills which they will use for a lifetime.

    If students have a problem which involves their physical safety; if they feel frightened, threatened, or unsafe, they should tell a trusted adult immediately.