Timberline Choir

  • Director: Mr. Shaw tshaw@nthurston.k12.wa.us

    We currently have 6 choirs at Timberline that all serve their own purpose. Three are auditioned and three are non-auditioned, but all have the same standards of excellence that we strive for. All choir members are expected to have a passion for singing and making music with other people.

    Most of our concerts are held at the Koval Center for the Performing Arts (located at NTHS) and are FREE to attend. All of our concerts have a theme that the music fits into. See below for specific concert themes and info.

Our Choirs

  • Chamber Choir

  • Concert Choir


  • Symphonic Choir

  • Symphonic Ensemble

  • Treble Choir

About Our Concerts

  • Fall Concerts

  • Winter Festivals

  • Mid-Year Concerts

  • End-of-Year Concerts

  • Throwback Concerts

  • Zone Festivals

  • Other Events

Awards History, Solo & Ensemble Winners and All-State Singers

  • 2023-24 Award Recipients

  • Past Timberline choir awards

  • Past All-State and All-Northwest Singers

  • Past Solo/Ensemble Winners & State Alternates