Rachel Barnes

Professional Biography

  • I started my professional career graduating from college with a degree in psychology.  During this time, I worked as a Youth Care Advocate serving at-risk youth ages 12-17.  After meeting my husband (another teacher), we traveled and worked  in South Korea and the Czech Republic teaching English to ELL students kindergarten through high school.  Returning home to the states, we earned our teaching certificates from Western Washington University.  I have taught kindergarten, third, fourth, and fifth grades in Washington state and Utah.  I am thrilled to now be teaching first grade at Mountain View Elementary.


    • 8:40 - Bell Rings
    • 8:40-8:55 - Opening
    • 8:55-10:35 - Literacy
    • 10:35-10:55 - Skill Review
    • 10:50-11:15 - Lunch
    • 11:15-11:45 - Recess
    • 11:50-12:05 - Read Aloud/Writing
    • 12:05-12:40 - Writing/Social Studies
    • 12:40-1:40 - Math
    • 1:40-2:20 - Specialist ART / MUSIC / PE
    • 2:20-2:35 - Recess
    • 2:35-3:05 - Silent Reading/Work Completion/Pack-up

Mrs. Barnes' Classroom Behavior Plan

  • My goal for this classroom is to provide an organized, structured, “smooth running” safe environment for every student.  To help accomplish this, the classroom rules and consequences have been set clearly for every student.  Clear consequences and expectations provide students with a sense of security.  With your support, we should be able to set each student on a path to academic and social success.



    1. Listen when your teacher is talking
    2. Follow directions quickly
    3. Respect yourself, Respect others, Respect your school
    4. Raise your hand to speak
    5. Be safe. Be honest.



    Number of Rules Broken Consequence
    0 (green) Praise, Class incentives
    1 (yellow) Warning, Rule reminder
    2 (orange) 2-minute separation in Think Time
    3 (red) 5-minute separation, Think Time Form
    4 (black) 5-minute separation, Think Time Form, Parent contact
    More than 4 Privileges may be lost for the rest of the day



    • Certain behaviors (including but not limited to: bullying, fighting, profanity, destruction of property and other infractions that violate MV code of conduct)may result in an automatic referral to the office and contact with the parents.
    • Breaking more than 4 rules on more than one day in the same week may also result in a referral to the office and contact with the parents.

    Thank you in advance for helping us to stay on task, keep instruction flowing in class and at home, and keeping us nourished in mind and body!