Welcome to Mountain View Elementary!

  • View of the Mountain View front door. Mountain View Elementary opened its doors in 1956. We are a caring community and pride ourselves on creating a supportive learning environment. Welcome to Mountain Lion Country!
    We encourage the capabilities and emphasize the worth of all students at our school in an environment marked by high expectations, academic achievement, and life skills. We encourage and welcome you to be actively involved in your child's education.

What makes us unique at Mountain View

  • For 54 years Mountain View Elementary has educated generations of Lacey residents. Students who attended our school have returned as teachers, parents and grandparents! This continuity and tradition complements the high expectations we have for our students.

    Some of our programs include:
    • Deaf Education
    • School-Wide Title I program
    • Self-Manager program
    • Science Fair
    • Talent Show
    • 5th grade girls and boys basketball
    • Cub Cards!
    • Marimba Band
    • WATCH D.O.G.S.
    • School Garden / SNAP Ed
    • Curriculum Nights
    • Dads & Donuts & Moms & Muffins
    • PTA Family Activities
    • Early Learning Center
    • Cub Leaders
    • 5th Grade Community Service Club
    • Mural Club
    • Yearbook Club

Current Goals

  • Academic Gap Goal:

    • By June 2021, we will close the achievement gap between students who are White and Students of Color meeting proficiency on the English Language Arts (ELA) Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) to a maximum gap of 5 percent.

    Behavior Gap Goal:

    • By April 2021, the percentage of Hispanic Q3 regular attenders in grades K and 1 will increase from 36% to 54%, closing the gap with our overall school percentage.


Community Involvement

Our Mission

  • Mountain View's mission is to assure that all students are provided with the skills, attitudes and learning necessary to become contributing members of our diverse and changing society. Our belief is that the best learning takes place in a safe, comfortable, supportive and challenging environment. Additionally, we know that a good education is a lifelong, developmental, and active process. It takes all of us working together to accomplish this mission for each and every child.


  • For enrollment, demographics, SBA results, and other numbers, see the OSPI Report Card.

Traits & Pledge

  • Mountain Lion Traits
    • be caring
    • be safe
    • be responsible

    Mountain Lion Pledge
    • I will care for myself and others
    • I will be safe with myself and others.
    • I will be a responsible citizen.
    • I will always do my best.

Community Feedback

Mountain View Building History

  • Mountain View Elementary was built in 1956 on 13.8 acres. It is located at 1900 College Street SE in Lacey. In 2000, a major modernization was completed, utilizing bond and state assistance funds. The project included the modernization of the building and site and street frontage improvements In 2010, a major upgrade and reconfiguration of the portable classroom buildings was completed. The 49,944 square foot building, including 29 instructional spaces, plus 15 portable classrooms serve kindergarten through fifth grade. An 8-plex preschool center was added in 2015.