Susan Peterson

  • Room: 5
    Subject/Grade Level: Second Grade

    The best way to contact me is by email. I will usually get back to you the same day.

Professional Biography

  • Teaching children is my passion. I have a Bachelor of Arts  from the University of Washington and a Masters Degree in Education from Antioch University. Besides a classroom teacher, I have been an elementary principal, a math trainer, and a national presenter. With all of my work, I am right where I want to the World of an Elementary Classroom! I have been at Meadows for sixteen years teaching first, second and third grades.  I never get tired of seeing a light bulb go off in a student; or experiencing the smile of a child that just realized they were successful at something! Your children are all very special and I thank you for sharing them with me. They never cease to amaze me! 
    Mrs. Peterson


    • 8:05   Bell Rings / Morning Work/ Breakfast Ends
    • 8:10   Tardy Bell
    • 8:15   Attendance, Lunch Count, Kids at Hope Pledge, Flag Salute,
    • 8:20   Math Differentiation
    • 8:50   Math Whole Group
    • 9:55   Recess
    • 10:10 Writing/Science
    • 11:10 Recess  (Monday Milers/Social Skills)
    • 11:45 Lunch
    • 12:15 Math Skills  (Whole Group)
    • 1:20   Math Differentiation
    • 1:55   Specialists (Art, Music,STEM, Library, PE)  
    • 2:40   Dismissal

    Early Release Schedule: Same as above except for:
    • 8:20-9:10 Assembly
    • 10:25-10:55 Specialists
      1:05 Dismissal

Days of the week and sharing

  • I organize the children by days of the week so that each child gets an opportunity to share one day a week. Below you will find the day of the week for your child.
    Monday   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday