Welcome to Meadows Elementary!

  • Welcome to Meadows Elementary! We opened our doors in 1986, and serve Preschool through 5th grade in Lacey, WA. We are a Kids at Hope School! Our mission every day at Meadows, is believing all children are capable of success... no exceptions!

What makes Meadows unique?

    • Meadows Elementary is a Kids at Hope school. This cultural framework is asset-based and helps our students learn about the many ways they can be a success in life!
    • Military Family Support Program
    • Might Mustang Leadership Club — 4th & 5th Graders
    • Student clubs and activities
    • Tunnel of Hope

Current Goals

  • Continuous Growth Goal:

    • From the Fall of 2022 to the spring of 2023, the opportunity gap between students identified as low-income and students not identified as low-income and scoring in the low-risk category on the easy CBM reading assessment (K-1: phonological awareness; grades 2-5 passage reading fluency) will decrease by 10% percentage points from 16% to 6%.

    Empowered Learners Goal:

    • Decrease the referral risk index (SWIS) for male students from .23 in the 2021-2022 school year to .13 in the 2022-2023 school year (closer to the rate of female students receiving an office referral).

    Download the whole School Improvement Plan >> (PDF) Updated spring 2023

Meadows Building History

  • Meadows Elementary was built in 1986 on 11 acres. It is located at 836 Deerbrush Drive SE in Lacey. In 1996, the entire school was reroofed. In 2000, partial upgrades were made to the heating system. The 46, 744 square building including 33 instructional spaces plus 9 portable classrooms and the new 8 plex serves preschool through fifth grade. This school is currently eligible for a
    state-assisted modernization/addition.

Our Mission

  • We believe all children are capable of success... no exceptions!

Kids at Hope Pledge

  • Each morning, Meadows students recite the Kids at Hope Pledge.

    I am a Kid at Hope.
    I am talented, smart, and capable of success.
    I have dreams for the future and will climb to reach those goals and dreams every day.
    All Children are Capable of Success.

Survey Results

Partner in Education

Community Involvement

  • Meadows values the strong support of our families, alumni, and community. Volunteer opportunities include mentoring, tutoring, participating in events and field trips, helping in the classroom, and more. 



  • For enrollment, demographics, SBA results, and other other numbers, see the OSPI Report Card.