Facilities Advisory Committee

  • The North Thurston Public Schools Facilities Advisory Committee comprises community representatives, students, parents, and staff who develop facility planning recommendations for our growing school district for the Board of Directors.

    Meetings are held throughout the year.

    Request to join the FAC by calling Amanda Garcia at 360-412-4416 or emailing fac@nthurston.k12.wa.us.

    These recommendations assist the district in developing an updated Six-Year Capital Facilities Plan, which guides facility initiatives throughout the district based on a study of current and future needs. These recommendations are formed by a review of the following information:

    • Join the FAC - email fac@nthurston.k12.wa.us School district enrollment history and projections
    • Present and future educational program needs
    • City/County population data and growth projections
    • Community development information
    • Existing school capacity information
    • Review of school district property available for development
    • Existing school facility needs assessment data
    • Capital funding options and information
    • Input from students, parents, citizens, and staff
    • Available Survey/Polling information

    The district values and appreciates the time, effort, and input each committee member brings to this important work. Welcoming, well-maintained, and safe schools are vital to helping ensure that all students have a positive learning environment in which they can succeed and thrive. NTPS Construction & Design Department >>

Active Committee Members & Role

  • Angie DeAguiar / Staff, Principal of Meadows Elementary
    Brian Scott / Community Member, Parent
    Cyrus Overbey / Staff, Director of Maintenance & Operations
    Darin Hall / Community Member, Parent MES
    Dean Martinolich / Staff, Director of Facilities
    Deb Clemens / Staff, Superintendent
    Derek Stewart / Staff, Directory of Technology
    Erik Randall / Community Member, Parent
    Fritz Riddle / Community Member, Parent
    Hanford McCloud / Community Member, Nisqually Tribe
    Ida Haynes / Community Member
    James Murray / Community Member
    James Stanton / Community Member
    Jen Burbridge / City of Lacey, Parks & Recreation Director
    Jeremiah Tucket / Staff, THS
    Judy Wilson / Realtor, Former Board Member
    Karen Edwards / Community Member, Volunteer
    Karen St. Clair / Community Member, Parent THS
    Karilix Salas-Sanchez / Community Member, Parent MES
    Kelly Coughlan / Staff, Instructional Specialist
    Ken Leland / Community Member, Parent SMS, RRHS
    Kevin Reimer / Staff, Director of Athletics, Activities, & Arts
    Laurie Davies / Community Member, Former School Board Member
    Linda Gallivan / Community Member
    Lindsey Moss / Community Member
    Lisa Niendorf / Staff, Transportation Dispatcher
    Marji Kirkwood / Community Member, Former Parent, Former Staff
    Michelle Richburg / Community Member, Parent, SBES, CMS
    Mitch Denning / Community Member
    Montoya Will / Community Member
    Nate Grygorcewicz / Staff, Principal of Komachin Middle School
    Pat Boysen / Community Member
    Rafael Borrayo / Community Member, SBES
    Ray Nelson / NTEA President
    Rick Walk / Community Member
    Ross Monson / Community Member
    Ruth Weigelt / Community Member, Volunteer
    Samantha Barnard / Community Member, Parent
    Scott Chambers / Community Member, Parent, SOES, NMS, RRHS
    Scott McCormick / Thurston County Planner
    Scott Spence / Community Member, Parent KMS, Staff KMS
    Serenity Malloy / Staff, Principal of River Ridge High School
    Shawnna Mershon / Community Member, Parent, Staff, PGES
    Stephen Lord / Staff, Financial Analyst
    Sue Falash / Lacey Parks & Recreation, Manager
    Tania Stenzel / Staff, KMS
    Teena Barnes / Staff, Executive Director of Financial Services
    Tiffany Sevruk / Board Member
    Tracy Cutler / Local Contractor
    Troy Oliver / Staff, Assistant Superintendent of Operations
    Tuala Tuinei / Community Member, Parent
    Tyson Godfrey / Community Member
    Vicky Lamoreaux / Staff, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services
    Willie Frank, Jr. / Community Member, Parent, Nisqually Tribe

Upcoming Meeting Dates

    • June 1, 2023, location TBD