Welcome to Lydia Hawk Elementary!

  • Welcome to Lydia Hawk Elementary! We opened our doors in 1959 and serve students from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Learning for All, Whatever it Takes!

What Makes Lydia Hawk Unique

Our Current Improvement Goals

  • Academic Gap Goal:

    • All Multilingual Learner and Hispanic students in grades 1st–5th who are below the 51st percentile will increase word reading fluency (1st grade) or passage reading fluency (grades 2-5) by at least 20 correct words per minute from Sep 2023–Apr 2024 as measured by CBM benchmark and progress monitoring assessments.

    Social Gap Goal:

    • By Spring 2024, when responding to the CEE Survey statement, “I feel safe at this school”, all 4th and 5th grade Hispanic and Latino students will increase their response rate by at least 20% as compared to CEE Spring 2023 data of 25%.

    Download the whole School Improvement Plan >> (PDF) Updated fall 2023

Lydia Hawk Building History

  • Lydia Hawk Elementary was named after Lydia Jane Hawk Mayes, born in 1862, daughter of John Hawk who was the founder of the Hawks Prairie area of Thurston County. Nestled in the Tanglewilde neighborhood, the school was originally constructed in 1959 on 14.7 acres located at 7600 5th Avenue SE. The gymnasium was built in 1989. In 2000, the original building was completely demolished and rebuilt, excluding the gym, and a play shed was built. This modernization was funded by local bond and state assistance funds. The 22-classroom, 41,772 square foot building and gym, includes 22 instructional spaces, plus the additional 12 portable classrooms serves kindergarten through fifth grade.

Our School Motto

  • Learning for All, Whatever it Takes

    Our teachers actively design instruction to meet the needs of our diverse community. We hold our students and ourselves to high expectations and, along with academic skills, we aim to provide all our students with the competence, courage, and character to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Community Partners

What are SOAR Expectations?

  • Safety, Ownership, Aim High, Respect

    Students are reminded of these core values and expectations daily. Our students all have something to contribute to our school and are encouraged to see themselves as a leader with responsibility for themselves and each other. Following the SOAR Expectations, and practicing the habits of leadership, staff and students work together to make our school a great place to learn and grow.

Survey Results

Community Involvement

  • Lydia Hawk values the strong support of our families, alumni, and community. Volunteer opportunities include mentoring, tutoring, participating in events and field trips, helping in the classroom, and more. 



  • For enrollment, demographics, SBA results and other numbers, see the OSPI Report Card.