A message from Lydia Hawk Leadership

  • Hello Lydia Hawk Families!

    We are looking for volunteers to participate in a new program at Lydia Hawk Elementary School. Volunteers will spend a minimum of 30 minutes working with students. You will work with 3 students (from the same class) for 10 minutes each. The teacher will set up work for you to do with them. The work could include reading a book, playing a math game, reviewing letters sounds, etc. Any day and time works, we will match you with a teacher based on your availability! To get started, or for questions, contact: Cherie Calhoun 360-412-4610 pcalhoun@nthurston.k12.wa.us

    Volunteers must make prior plans before arriving on campus. Approved volunteer application on file and proof of COVID vaccination required to participate.

    I am happy to announce Carmen Lopez as our new Assistant Principal at Lydia Hawk Elementary School. Carmen moves from her current role as NTPS Military Liaison into her new administrative role at Lydia Hawk. She has over 17 years working in multicultural settings such as public schools in Texas, serving families of children with learning disabilities in Arizona, and as an air traffic controller in the U.S. Army in various locations. Carmen’s knowledge and experiences as a bilingual ELL teacher will serve students, families, and staff at Lydia Hawk very well. Despite being in our community for only a short period, Carmen has developed a strong commitment to our families and community through her work on the NTPS Strategic Planning Review Committee, the NTPS Parent Leadership Team, and the NTPS Balanced Calendar Committee. Welcome, Carmen.

    - Kathleen Delpino