Ms. Michele (Teacher)

  • I have been working in NTPS for over 11 years now. I have been fortunate enough to get to work in a position that is exactly where I want to be, that being; working with children at the very start of their public education when everything really does make path to their future endeavors.

    My own daughter and son are young adults and learning the responsibilities of adulthood. My daughter supports herself and enjoys living in Seattle and my son is a little closer to home base and is learning to balance full time work, apartment living and going to college. 

Ms. Janine (Para)

  • Ms. Janine has been a vital part of the preschool team in room 8 for several years now. She first started her connections with NTPS when her daughter was a preschooler in the district and then eventually her son was in the preschool. Miss Janine's daughter will be graduating from High School this year and his son is enjoying his high school years. Ms. Janine has a way with the children that makes each and everyone feel special and she is able to adjust her approach to each child to fit their individual needs.

Ms. Rhonda (Para)

  • Ms. Rhonda has worked in our ELC here at Mt. View since we first opened our Early Learning Center in 2014/2015. She has been a para working with our team in room 8 (Team 8) for all but her first year in our center. She comes with a strong background as a educator and always steps in to make sure the classroom is running smoothly and consistently for the students. Rhonda kids are young adults and she is now a proud grandmas of some very young cuties.


Our Preschool Class Team