• Leopard Crew is an after-school program for volunteer student’s grades 4-6. These students take care of our campus and maintain the many trails in our forest. They sweep walks, weed the gardens, plant flowers, build trails, maintain trails, and create large scale exterior art projects like murals and banners. Crew starts in early March. The four teams, with 25 students each, meet every fourth Monday after school for two hours. Leopard Crew teaches kids to be responsible for their surroundings, how to get the weed, roots and all, out of the ground, how to plant and water flowers and shrubs, how to observe the natural environment, and hopefully learn to appreciate and see the beauty in nature. A classroom teacher volunteers to organize and supervise this after-school program. With a helpful budget from PTA and parent volunteers, Leopard Crew has offered fun outdoor activities for over fourteen years.



    To find out how to donate supplies such as planting soil, sturdy tools, and perennials, please contact Kelly Dunbar at kdunbar@nthurston.k12.wa.us

Last Modified on February 25, 2015