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    Each month, we will ask you to keep an eye out for staff members who truly go above and beyond and exhibit an attribute of compassion. Each month will focus on a different attribute. During the short and crazy months (September, December and June) we will combine nomination periods with a neighboring month. September and October will be one nomination period, November and December will be one nomination period, as will May and June. During these dual nomination periods, you can nominate someone for either compassionate attribute (or of course, both!). 

    September: Caring

    October: Generosity

    November: Empathy

    December: Patience

    January: Courage

    February: Trustworthiness

    March: Respect

    April: Community and Environment

    May: Honesty

    June: Understanding

    Human Resources will send out monthly reminder emails informing you of each month’s attribute of focus. All nominees will be recognized on our website and will receive a Compassion All Star Team lanyard and certificate. A monthly winner will be selected by committee.The winner will be honored in their building staff meeting and win a special prize pack!

    We are now accepting nominations for the November/December nomination period and will be focusing on the Compassionate attributes Empathy and Patience.

    EMPATHY: Do you know someone who makes our District better by taking the time and making the efforts to truly understand the unique situations, feelings, and motives of those around them? Someone who uplift us, our students, and our community members with their objective understanding, their carefully chosen words and actions, and their ability to genuinely connect with others? If so, submit a nomination right away! 

    PATIENCE: Do you know anyone who is so patient you often think to yourself, “Goodness! This person deserves an medal! If there were an award for the most patient person – they would get it!” Guess what! This month, there is! J This month, let us recognize those who regularly demonstrate patience in their interactions with all. Those who take care to be intentional and kind with their words and their actions, even in tense and frustrating situations. Show your appreciation for someone you admire for their ability to persevere through difficulties and do so with a positive attitude. If this sounds like someone you know, submit a nomination right away!

    Anyone can submit a nomination- staff, administrators, volunteers, parents, community members, anyone! We do ask that you please nominate individuals only and not groups of people. To nominate someone, please click here. When nominating, please be as descriptive as possible and give examples whenever you can! This helps the committee when selecting a monthly winner. Thank you!

    For questions, please contact Alana Markham-Harris at (360) 412-4898 (ext. 40371)






Last Modified on December 14, 2017