Neal Wildrick

Professional Biography

  • Mr. Wildrick began teaching here at Lacey Elementary School in the fall of 2005. He spent the first four years guiding 4th graders on the educational adventure of their lives. After teaching 2nd grade for two years, Mr. Wildrick moved back to teaching 4th grade and has been there ever since. Mr. Wildrick received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology graduating cum laud from Wake Forest University. After moving to Olympia, he enrolled in St. Martin’s College and completed his Master’s Thesis in 2003. During his studies at St. Martin’s, Mr. Wildrick did his student teaching at the Zhuhai Superstar Experimental School in China where he taught English. After completing his thesis, Mr. Wildrick traveled the world, again teaching English in China for the better part of a year. He has now been happily passing this thirst for knowledge and experience on to his students here at Lacey Elementary School for over ten years.


    • 8:35 Attendance, Announcements, & Morning Math
    • 8:50 Morning Meeting
    • 9:15 Specialist (Art, Music, or P.E.)
    • 9:55 Problem Solvers
    • 10:25 STEM
    • 10:50 Recess
    • 11:10 STEM
    • 12:40 Lunch
    • 1:10 ELA
    • 1:50 Recess
    • 2:05 ELA
    • 3:00 Cleanup

Welcome to Mr. Wildrick's Room!!!

  • Homework

    • I believe homework is an important tool.  In 4th grade students are expected to know their multiplication facts fluently through the 12’s.  Also, students are expected to read fluently at the rate of 130 words per minute out loud by the end of the year.  Math facts and Reading fluency will be worked on at school, but I would also like students to practice at home.  I have listed my expectations below:
    • Read  20 minutes a day, five days a week.  (Taking time each week to read aloud is of tremendous benefit too.)
    • Practice Multiplication facts (30-50 minutes a week).  Below are some suggestions for practicing the facts:
      • Roll 2 dice and multiply the numbers together
      • Use a deck of cards. Flip over 2 cards and multiply them together. Before beginning this game change the Jack to an 11, the Queen to a 12, and the King to a 0.  An Ace is one.
      • Flash Cards
      • Multiplication game web sites are always fun.
    • All homework will be assigned on the last day of the week. All homework is due the following Friday. 


    • We will be studying math, reading, writing, science, and Washington State history.

    Husky ABCD Expectations

    • Act Safely
    • Be Respectful
    • Cooperate
    • Do Your Best

    Discipline Plan

    • Step One:  Verbal Warning
    • Step Two:  Time Out in classroom
    • Step Three:  Student is sent to another classroom with a reflection sheet
    • Step Four:  Office Referral to Principal or Intervention Specialist
    • Step Five:  Suspension, Reserved for offences outlined in the student handbook
    • Students may be asked to discuss problems with another student, teacher, make a written or  verbal apology, create a plan for success, miss out on a special privilege or recess, or other consequences as deemed appropriate at the time. 


    • I welcome volunteers!  Please let me know if you wish to volunteer.  You will need to be cleared by the district.  Ask in the office if you need help.

    How to contact me

    • I will be at school from 8:00 – 3:30 or later each day and can receive messages on my phone at other times.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions or concerns you might have.  My phone number is:  412-4650 extension 25111.  My email address is: The Lacey school web site features classroom web sites as well.  I use this site to post information and helpful computer games.