Special Education at Lacey Elementary

  • Every student will be given the chance to succeed!

    Special Education services are provided to students who qualify, through academic and cognitive testing, in the areas of math, reading, and/or writing. Other services, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech & language therapy, are available for students who qualify in those areas as well. Classroom teachers, parents, and building staff are able to refer students for testing. It is highly recommended that students receive a multitude of interventions before referrals for testing are made. Students can be served in the general education classroom (inclusive setting) and/or in the resource room (a pull-out setting). Both environments can be highly beneficial for students; judgments are made based on student needs and schedules.
    The goal for Special Education is to serve the individual needs of each student.
    The district site has information on all the special education programs offered in North Thurston Public Schools.