Letter from Lacey Leadership

  • Dear Lacey Families,


    We hear more and more about the long-term impacts of trauma on children’s development. What do we know about childhood trauma? What can we do about it? Recently, we sent home a flyer about an upcoming parent workshop on Adverse Childhood Experiences (March 3rd at 5:00 p.m.). Dr. Joyce Gilbert from Providence St. Peter Hospital will talk to us about how negative events which we experienced as children can impact our own health. She will also teach us how these adverse experiences harm our children’s development. We can’t always protect our children from really bad things happening to them, but we can do something about it. Learn how to let go of guilt and blame and proactively support your child’s healing. If you can’t attend this training, please contact me or Ms. LaFever, our school counselor, for alternative resources. Remember, it takes a village and we are all working together to help our children grow into healthy, productive, and happy contributing members of society.


    Your partner in your child’s education,


    Sharon McGourty, M.A., M.Ed.


    Lacey Elementary School