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Facilities Advisory Committee

The North Thurston Public Schools Facilities Advisory Committee comprises community representatives, students, parents, and staff who develop facility planning recommendations for our growing school district for the Board of Directors. Meetings are held throughout the year.

What to join the committee? Contact Jennifer Hancock at 360-412-4416 or

These recommendations assist the district in developing an updated Six-Year Capital Facilities Plan, which guides facility initiatives throughout the district based on a study of current and future needs. These recommendations are formed by a review of the following information:

  • School district enrollment history and projections
  • Present and future educational program needs
  • City/County population data and growth projections
  • Community development information
  • Existing school capacity information
  • Review of school district property available for development
  • Existing school facility needs assessment data
  • Capital funding options and information
  • Input from students, parents, citizens, and staff
  • Available Survey/Polling information

See the current Capital Facilities Plan

The district values and appreciates the time, effort, and input each committee member brings to this important work. Welcoming, well-maintained, and safe schools are vital to helping ensure that all students have a positive learning environment in which they can succeed and thrive.

Upcoming Meetings