What is a Balanced Calendar?

  • What is a balanced calendar? With a balanced calendar, students attend class the same number of days and receive the same instructional hours driven by the same curricula as students at traditional calendar schools. A balanced calendar evenly distributes the days those students attend school and the days they are on vacation across the 12-month calendar year. All students attend school at the same time and go on vacation at the same time. Students have periodic, shorter breaks rather than one long summer break.

    In a balanced calendar option, during the fall, spring, and summer break periods, schools provide extended learning opportunities for students (called intersession programming). Students can relearn material, practice skills, catch up or experience nonacademic enrichment activities.

    In 2021-22, NTPS explored the concept of the balanced calendar and whether it would be beneficial to our district. In May 2022, they recommended to the Board of Directors to not pursue a Balanced Calendar and to continue utilizing a traditional calendar.

    May 2022: Read the final NTPS Balanced Calendar Review presented to the School Board >> (PDF)

What is a Balanced Calendar?


Types of Calendars

  • Current Calendar

  • 45 / 10 Balanced Calendar

  • 45 / 15 Balanced Calendar