Staff and Program Information

  • Library Staff

    Katheryn Myrick: NBCT, Teacher-Librarian
    Dawn Doyle: Library Secretary




    Monday-Thursday: Noon - 3p.m.
    Friday: 8:00a.m. - 2:30p.m. (By Reservation Only) 


    360 412-4869

    How do we ensure that THS students are "effective users and producers of ideas and information"?

    We provide information and technology literacy instruction:

    • Provide information literacy instruction including evaluation and analysis of the credibility, relevance and currency of information
    • Coach instructional staff in support of curriculum, information technology and information management
    • Teach students to be critical consumers and producers of information
    • Teach students and staff to use emerging learning technologies for school and lifelong learning
    • Teach students to be safe, ethical and responsible digital citizens

    We provide reading advocacy support and services:

    • Establish and model a powerful, fashionable and ubiquitous culture of reading in the school community
    • Motivate and guide students to read for enjoyment and understanding
    • Develop a relevant collection of fiction and non-fiction in a variety of formats, ensuring quality reading choices for all students
    • Manage resources in support of established curriculum and student passions

    We provide information and resource management services:

    • Provide open and equitable access to resources, technology and information services for the entire school community
    • Develop and administer inviting and effective physical and digital library environments
    • Manage resources to support teaching and learning
    • Administer information management systems to support student learning and school and district programs 



    • Remember: the library is a place to work quietly or read.
    • Bring a pass from your teacher when you come to the library.
    • Bring a picture ID in order to check out a laptop.
    • Leave food and drink, (other than water bottles), on the counter as you enter the library.
    • Return library and textbooks when they are due.