Attendance Monitoring

  • The counselors at Komachin are responsible for attendance monitoring.  Attendance letters are computer generated, and are printed and mailed when a student has 5 unexcused absences in a 30 day period, 9 days (excused/non-excused) cumulative in the current academic year , 12 days (excused/non-excused) cumulative in the current academic year and 20 days (excused/non-excused) cumulative in the current academic year.
    When a student's attendance reaches the 12 or 20 day threshold, we actively work with the student and the family by creating an attendance contract, refer to community services, provide emotional and academic support, and create a cooperative working relationship with parents and health providers when a student is experiencing a long-term illness.
    It is also the discretion of the Counselor and Assistant Principal to refer the student and/or parent to the Juvenile court via a Becca Bill petition should the above interventions and supports prove to be ineffective.