• "Words are the voice of the heart."  

    ~ Confucius (c. 551-c. 479 BC)

    It is estimated the size of the average person's vocabulary as developing from roughly 300 words at two years old, through 5,000 words at five years, to some 12,000 words at the age of 12. How many words do you really know? This year I challenge you to learn 1000 words. You personally. Seriously. How do adapt vocabulary so half the class isn't sitting, bored and the other half is struggling? Vocabulary.com tailors instruction for you to master the words I've set-aside as targets for this year. Want to get a head start? 
    Try our Summer Vocabulary challenge! Learn some new words and get yourself ready for the next level >>> https://www.vocabulary.com/play/ 
    We will also use Quizlet & StudyBlue to create flashcards with roots we study each quarter, their meanings, and a set of words that use these roots. Here's a sample:
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