Lacey Loves to Read Bookmark Contest

  • During Lacey Loves to Read, NTPS & community students are invited to participate in our Bookmark Contest! Students submit their artwork on our bookmark templates, and the winners are chosen and awarded prizes and more! See the rules below for how to enter your bookmark idea!


Get Started!

Contest Rules & Guidelines

  • Download a copy of the Rules & Guidelines (PDF)

    Contest Rules

    • Who is eligible? Any K-12 students, including homeschoolers and private school students, who live in the North Thurston Public Schools boundaries. 1 entry per student.
    • How do I enter? Read the contest rules and create your bookmark on an official template.
    • Where do I get a bookmark template? Check with your NTPS school teacher-librarian. Templates also available at private schools, District Office, Lacey Timberland Library and through homeschool networks. Download a template (PDF).

    Bookmark Design Criteria

    • Image – original images only! No copyrighted images, symbols or slogans will be selected (e.g. Peanuts characters, SpongeBob, Disney).
    • Suggested Media – colored felt-tip marker, crayon or fine-tipped pencil (Note: the brighter the colors, the better the reproduction).
    • Use of space – vertical design should fill the rectangle bookmark template. DON’T trim!
    • Content – images should reflect a love of literature and reading, and can include elements inspired by the featured author and/or Lacey Loves to Read.
    • Any text included with the image must be neatly written and spelled correctly.
    • Students should NOT put their name directly on the artwork, but do need to fill out the form below the artwork completely and legibly. First name, grade and school will be added to winning bookmarks when published with parent permission.
    • Homeschool and private school entries please leave a phone number or email address for winner notification.
    • Deadline for entries is November 19, 2021

    Selection Process

    • NTPS entries: Each NTPS school may submit up to 5 entries per grade level. A school bookmark contest coordinator (usually the school's teacher-librarian) will send school entries in district mail to NTPS ELA Department, Attn. LL2R-Karen Johnson.
    • Community entries (including private or homeschool entries) can be dropped off at NTPS District Office/ELA Department; or the Lacey Timberland Library.
    • The DEADLINE for all entries to be turned into the NTPS District Office or Lacey Timberland Regional Library is November 19, 2021, before building closes. NTPS building closes at 4:30pm; library closes at 6:00pm.
    • From these entries, our committee will select the 26 semi-finalists: 1 bookmark from each NTPS school that enters and at least 2 from community entries.
    • From these 26 semi-finalists, 6 grand prize winners will be chosen, one from each of the following categories: K-1; 2-3; 4-5; Middle School, High School, Community. These are chosen by the Lacey Loves to Read Committee and community partners.
    • The 6 grand prize winners and remaining semi-finalists will have their bookmarks published and distributed throughout the community and schools during Lacey Loves to Read 2022.


    • December: Bookmark winners announced.
    • January: Bookmark winners printed and distributed.
    • February: 6 grand prize bookmark winners will be invited to a Lacey City Council meeting; all bookmark winners will be recognized at the author assemblies
    • February 17: Special book signing opportunity with author for bookmark winners at the community event.
    • School recognition:
      • Each school is expected to give special recognition of their school winners/semi-finalists (morning announcement, school newsletter, assembly, etc.)
      • Some schools may choose to print more color copies of their school winners
      • We encourage schools to display all bookmark entries in your school library.
    • Finalists who would like their first and last name printed on their bookmark must fill out special permission paperwork.

    All artwork submitted becomes the property of Lacey Loves to Read. No artwork will be returned unless by special request.