• Komachin Middle School’s looping model allows students to keep the same teacher (in each of the core areas) for two years. We will use the StudySync curriculum to dive into narrative writing experiences, fiction and non-fiction pieces centered around the Essential Question: What are the challenges of human intereactions? We will read selections from the StudySync Reader to encourage students to make text-based inferences, generalizations, and interpretations as well as to become active participants in a shared inquiry discussion. We will also read and discuss Lois Lowry's novel, The Giver. Poetry and literary analysis are also woven into the daily discussions and writing prompts. Independent reading, narrative, informational & argumentative writing modes, vocabulary, and writing collaboration are also important components of the year’s work.
    Parents & students can log onto my real-time grade book with the Family Access LInk. I usually enter homework each Wednesday by 7pm. Late work is accepted with a written explanation and posted in the grade book by 4pm Monday. Please check student's planners for specifics on other assignments or large writing projects.