From Principal Grizzle

  • Principal Angela Grizzle Welcome to South Sound High School!

    At South Sound High School, our motto is EVERYONE MATTERS and EVERYONE CARES. And it’s true! We are the alternative, choice high school for the district. Our students choose to come to SSHS, and they are an amazing bunch of young people, all working hard toward earning their diplomas!


    Mrs. Grizzle
    Principal, South Sound High School


About Ms. Grizzle

  • Principal Grizzle with her son Mrs. Grizzle was born and raised in the rainy Pacific Northwest, living in Port Angeles, Seattle and Maple Valley, Washington. After graduating from Tahoma High School in 1992, she attended the University of Washington in Seattle for one year and fell flat on her face. Not succeeding at something was new to her. So she joined the U.S. Army, and served on active duty for seven years and lived in interesting places like Florida, Texas, Georgia and South Korea. She thrived in her military service, found success once again, and was promoted quickly to Staff Sergeant. Although she loved the U.S. Army (and had once dreamed of becoming the first female Sergeant Major of the Army), once she completed her Master’s degree, she decided it was time to try something new.

    So she moved to the hot, dry desert in Arizona and began her career in education, starting with teaching math to high school students. It was here that she discovered how fun and rewarding it can be to work with teenagers and young people. She continued to teach math for several years to both high school and college students. She also began teaching education courses to college students who were working to become teachers. Mrs. Grizzle was an outstanding (award-winning) teacher and found ways to make math easier to understand for her students.

    Next, she moved into administration. She became the Principal of an alternative high school and served in that role for four years; these were some of her favorite years in education. Working in an alternative setting was a perfect fit. After that, she moved into a district-office position, and served as Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Achievement for the Top Performing school district in Arizona where she enjoyed training and helping teachers to grow and serve the needs of their students.

    Principal Grizzle making pancakes for South Sound. In January of 2014, with turning 40 years old on the horizon, Mrs. Grizzle realized it was time to move back home to Washington after being gone for 20 years. She had spent nearly every Thanksgiving and Christmas apart from family since she was a child, and her entire adult life away from the Pacific Northwest. Green and trees and rain and water sounded pretty amazing after all those years drying up under the hot Arizona sun. She decided Thurston County would be her new home and was excited to accept the position as Principal at South Sound High School!

    The 19-20 school year is her sixth year in this role.. She absolutely loves South Sound High School, the staff members and the students!

    Mrs. Grizzle is passionate about helping others and working with alternative high school students. She also enjoys nature and reading. At this time in her life, Mrs. Grizzle focuses most of her time and energy (outside of work) on her young son, enjoying watching him learn and grow. She loves being a momma and experiencing life through his eyes.

    Mrs. Grizzle is married to a former classmate from high school. Her husband teaches English to both high school and college students, and is a horror writer.  They love the Olympia-Lacey area and plan to stay and raise their son here.