What happens if the weather is bad?

  • If there is snow on the ground in the morning, or the roads seem dangerously icy, school may start 3 hours late or be cancelled. Those decisions will be made and available to the public by 6:00 a.m. to the best of our ability.  Familes, Activate your School Messenger account with your email address to check and adjust your communication settings - we will call/text/email this information by 6AM!

    What about Boys & Girls Club, Y-Care, and other childcare providers? Many of them adjust their schedules to align with what we decide in response to bad weather, but check with your provider to make sure of their policies.

    No School Messenger account? Not a parent/guardian, but still want to know when there's a school closure/delay? Subscribe to by creating an account on Flash Alert >>

    If no announcements are made, then our schools are operating normally.

    See alternate bus routes for flood, ice & snow >>

Current Weather


Local News & Radio Stations

    • TV: KCPQ (FOX 13)
    • TV: KING (NBC 5)
    • TV: KIRO (CBS 7)
    • TV: KOMO (ABC 4)
    • Radio: KGY (1240AM or 96.9FM)
    • Radio: KRXY (ROXY 94.5FM)
    • Radio: MIXX 96 (96.1 FM)

How it Works

  • The information will be sent through:

    Please remember that road conditions vary in different parts of Thurston County, and that neighboring school districts make their own decisions about whether to run their schools late or cancel school.

    What does "Schools Closed" mean?

    • All schools will be closed for the day. All meetings, field trips, after-school activities, etc., will be canceled for the day.

    What is a three-hour delay?

    • All zero period classes will be canceled.
    • All K-12 classes will being three hours later than the normal start time and dismissed at the normal time. For example, high school would start at 10:30, middle school would start at 12:20, and elementary would start at 11:10, 11:15, 11:25, 11:40 or 11:50.
    • All preschool programs will be canceled.
    • Summit Virtual Academy WILL have a regular school day schedule, even on 3-hour late-start dates.
    • All out-of-district transportation will be canceled, including the New Market Skills Center.

    What is an Emergency Dismissal?

    • Closing school in the middle of the day, due to weather, or other reasons. 
    • Families will be contacted via phone/email/text using School Messenger with information on pick-up procedures, etc.