• Dear Students,

    I miss creating and sharing ideas with you!  I know it takes some time and effort to get comfortable with the remote learning but we're all trying our best.  

    Please email me pictures of your art work that you're doing at home.  I will put a slide show altogether to display your creativity!

    If you want to email me a question or just to let me know how you're doing, feel free to do so!


Mrs. Royce Van Veen

  • Mrs. Van Veen 3rd A
                                                                  "A" is for Art! This is my 3D drawing!

Professional Biography

  • Here are some frequently asked questions from kids and parents:

    How long have you been teaching?

    I've been teaching for 26 years!  I taught 3 years in Southern California-grades 2nd/3rd,

    23 years at Seven Oaks:  14 years teaching 5th/6th grade, 7 years teaching 3rd/4th grade, and almost 2 years as the Art Specialist.

    What is your educational background?

    I have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting,

    Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Teaching,

    Masters in Creative Art,

    Floral Designer from the Seattle Floral Institute.

    What are your favorite colors?

    I like hot pink, black and tourquoise.

    What kind of art work do you like to do?

    I enjoy drawing, working with watercolors, sewing, and making flower arrangements.

    What are your other hobbies?

    I like playing soccer, kayaking, taking walks, gardening, decorating and hugging my pups.