NTPS Transportation: "Above and Beyond"

  • Mission: Committed to providing safe and efficient student transportation in a caring and positive environment.

    Questions or concerns? Call us! 360-412-4545 or fill out our contact form

    Please remember, it is important for both you and your student to memorize:

    • Your bus route number,
    • Your bus stop location, and
    • Your regular pickup and drop-off times.

    Don't forget to tell this info to the person you have designated to meet your child.

    We have forms in other languages that can be emailed, mailed, and returned via email to dispatch@nthurston.k12.wa.us, mailed, or dropped off.

    REMINDER! Students who have not utilized transportation for 20 days total will be marked inactive in the SMART tag system. If this occurs, please contact Transportation to reactivate your students.

Activate your Smart Tag account!

Reserve Your Seat!

  • Registration for 2023-24 is now closed. Check back at the end of June for 2024-25 registration.

    We require all riders to register. More fall information >>  After registration, your student's route information will be posted to Smart Tag accounts in the last week of August! Please check your Smart Tag parent portal, and they may start riding the bus when it shows routing.

Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

  • REMINDER: Transportation services inactive after 20 days of no use

  • How do I register for the bus?

  • Should I register my student if they might need the bus in the future?

  • I do not have access to internet how can I fill out the registration?

  • My student will only need to register for shuttle services during the day not to/from home to school, how do I register for that service?

  • My student has an IEP that outlines that we need special transportation services, do I still need to register?

  • I have a split household and the other parent lives within school boundary that receives bus service for the school my students resides and attends, how do I get that information?

  • Can a school bus driver report me for going through the bus stop sign & lights? Is there a fine?

  • Can my child ride the bus with their special needs sibling?

  • Can my child's instrument be transported on the bus? What about skateboards & sports equipment?

  • Can my student get on and/or off the bus at a different location?

  • How can I get a bus stop changed? Can I just ask a driver?

  • How do buses work with Boys & Girls Club?

  • How do I become a bus driver?

  • How do I find my student's bus information?

  • How do I get a copy of bus rules?

  • How do I keep my students safe when crossing the street to and from the school bus?

  • How do I report an absence if my child has special transportation?

  • I live in the walk zone, but my child can't walk that far to school? Why can't I have a bus?

  • I want to talk to my student's driver. Can I just meet them at the bus stop?

  • I'm not getting automated messages about late times from transportation. What do I do?

  • If I do not qualify for a bus can I take my student to the closest bus stop?

  • If the driver can be late to a stop, why can't they wait when my student is running late?

  • It's my students first day, can I ride the bus with them?

  • My Address or Phone Number has changed. What do I do?

  • My child missed the bus. Can I follow the bus & have them board at the next stop?

  • My student left something on the bus, how do I report it?

  • The bus arrived late at the school. Will it be held against their attendance?

  • What if my child attends Day Care?

  • When is the driver responsible for my student?

  • Where do I report a compliment, concern, or question I have?

  • Who is responsible for discipline on the bus?

  • Why doesn't the District provide transportation for students with approved waivers?