• In cluster two, children are exposed to strategies for solving math problems. We teach students to solve problems using manipulatives, lab experiments, drawings, and discussions. Students are engaged in finding answers through hands-on activities.
    This year we will be working with the Origo "Stepping Stones" program.  This is a very exciting program that  uses technology and is aligned to the common core standards.   

    We'll be working with number sense, addition, subtraction, early multiplication and division, fractions, capacity, and place value (236 = 2 hundreds + 3 tens + 6 ones). We'll look at two and three dimensional shapes and beginning algebra. We will be reviewing how to tell time on an analog clock.  We will also do some generating and solving of more complex equations (number sentences).

    Want to help your children with math at home? 
    Ask your child to skip count to 100 by 2's, 5's and 10's. When they have mastered that, try 3's, 4's, 7's, etc.....Have your child count the coins in your pocket, car or purse. Ask your child to read the time on an analog clock. Measure with a ruler around the house. Estimate ("How many?") while you shop. Have your child practice simple addition and subtraction facts. Quiz your child on "Easy Tens" (these are the combinations of numbers that add up to ten: 4 + 6, 3 + 7, 2 + 8, etc.). We will also be working with double digit addition and subtraction with and without re-grouping.