Seven Oaks Loves Volunteers!

  • Volunteer opportunities abound at Seven Oaks!  Volunteering is a feel-good experience for everyone involved.  It enriches the time a child spends at school, and is rewarding for the volunteer as well - seeing first-hand how the time you donate really affects all SOE students, teachers and staff. It is also a great way to connect with other adults. And don't forget, the work you do may not be paid, but it does look good on a resume.

    The PTA is a great place to start, and you don't have to be a member to help. The PTA sponsors many of the events you will hear about, such as book fairs, movie and family nights, etc. But, there are also many other ways to invest your time, like helping out in a classroom, tutoring, prep-work at home, field trips, Olympia Junior Programs ( OJP - non profit organization that provides live theater to elementary students via field trips to the Olympia theater), office help, and more...

Volunteer at Seven Oaks Elementary

  • We love our volunteers! Your time and talents are at the heart of our district!

    During the 2019-20 school year, NTPS Volunteers contributed over 30,000 hours of their time to students! Thank you!
    All volunteer services are stopped for the duration of the closure. This includes helping hand out meal bags - we are fully staffed. Thank you for your willingness to help! 

    Contact Merry Sam, Volunteer Liaison:

Student Club Volunteers

  • National Honor Society? Interact? Key Club? Any student clubs or groups within NTPS, contact our Volunteer Specialist for more information on approval for groups.

    • Contact the Volunteer Liaison for the fastest application process.
    • Include club name, advisor, roster, and the schools where you would like to volunteer.