Seven Oaks loves their Watch D.O.G.S.!

  • Watch D.O.G.S. The Watch D.O.G.S. program (Dads of Great Students) is a program that helps bring dads and other male role models into the school. Dads spend a day with their child at school and get to interact alongside the educators, to help as crossing guards, hallway monitors, library assistants, lunchroom helpers, classroom and homework tutors, as well as playground and gymnasium assistants. The possibilities are endless. Learn more information on their website.

WatchDOGS from AWSP on Vimeo.


  • I had a great time today as a volunteer Watch D.O.G.S dad. Today was a lot of fun working with my daughter and her class. I was really surprised with the energy of the kindergarten class during recess today. I look forward to next month when I come back for round two. -Ed Hoskins

    I especially enjoyed helping kids with math and other areas they need help with. I was surprised how many kids knew I was coming. I guess my son had been talking about his dad coming to school. I really had a great day. Also, the staff was the most professional. I would like to serve again and I will. -Adan Reyes

    This is my second time being a Watch D.O.G.S. dad and I had another good time. I will plan to be a Watch D.O.G.S. dad at least two times a month. -Cody Henriques