School Health Rooms

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    School Nurses are at each elementary school one or more days a week; at each middle school for two days per week; and at each high school three days a week. Health Room Assistants who are trained by school nurses are full time unlicensed staff who work in health rooms at each school. School nurses delegate to Health Room Assistants and other staff certain procedures required to keep students safely at school. Other procedures cannot be performed by anyone other than a licensed practical or registered nurse per the Nurse Practice Act of Washington State.
    School Nurses carry out many responsibilities at their assigned schools and across the district. They do vision and hearing screenings, ensure immunization compliance, provide physical and mental health supports to students and carry out clinical assessment requiring a high degree of skill and judgment. They are part of each school team in determining students who may need additional supports and then linking children, youth and families to social and health resources.

District Health Information