Steve Baxter

Professional Biography

  • Welcome! Lydia Hawk is a great school and I'm proud to be a part of it.  I am a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a degree in Elementary P.E., along with a minor in both Reading and Math. In addition, I have a Master's Degree in Education from Lesley College.  I've been teaching at Lydia Hawk since 1983. During that time I spent 17 years as a 4th Grade Teacher and 9 years teaching 5th Grade.  I took over as Lydia Hawk's P.E. teacher in 2010.  I look forward to sharing the importance of a healthy, active life with the students at Lydia Hawk. 


    • 1st Period - 3rd Grade                       
    • 2nd Period - 4th Grade
    • 3rd Period - 5th Grade
    • 4th Period - D.D./Life Skills 
    • 5th Period - Kindergarten
    • 6th Period - 2nd Grade 
    • 7th Period - 1st Grade