John Pirie

Professional Biography

  • I have been teaching Visual Arts at Lydia Hawk for over 12 years. I have a degree in Art Education from Concordia Universtiy.  I have my National Board Certificate in Art Education. I have a M ED from ISU. In addition to my art background I have taught 4th to 8th grade, gifted education, and served as a Principal for several years. My teaching career has allowed me to teach in Michigan, Illinois, Idaho, as well as Washington.


    • 1st period - 5th
    • 2nd period - SPED
    • 3rd period - 1st
    • 4th period - RTI
    • 5th period - 2nd/ Kindergarten
    • 6th period - 3rd/ 1st
    • 7th period - 6th/4th